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Reclaiming My Website

2013 November 19
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by Damian

Just for the 4 people, most of them probably my players looking for some zingers to use at workouts next month, who check here periodically.  My service provider shut down my site in late August as a result of an attempted attack on the site.

Tonight I decided to stop being lazy and fix the problem and get it back up again.

Recommence bi-annual blogging.

Dear Twenties

2012 May 3
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by Damian

Dear Twenties,

Thank you.  You’ve given me everything I wanted from you.  It was a tall order, a long and bumpy road, but we made it!  Good luck with the next group.

Thirties, get ready to be redefined.



Dear Mustache

2011 November 30
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by Damian

Dear Mustache,

Though you were often hard to see and frequently ridiculed, you did it, friend!  With your help I was able to raise over $500 towards prostate cancer research.

Movember was a success. And, you mustache, are responsible.

Forever yours,

I am seriously beside myself with the support that has been shown over the past month. Friends, Family, teammates, players it’s really almost overwhelming. For now a HUGE thank you to everyone and I will address each one of you personally in the next few days.

THANK YOU a million times over.